GMI GT Gas Detector

The GMI - GT range of instruments combine quality, ruggedness and advanced GMI Technology in a user friendly, hand held gas detector. The multi-application GT series will satisfy all your gas detection requirements in a single, easy to use instrument.

  • Leak Test - For investigation of odour or leak complaints and pinpointing the leak source
  • Confined Space - For pre-entry checking and personal monitoring in confined spaced.
  • Barhole Testing - Used to locate underground leaks.
  • Purge - Used to commission gas systems.
  • Sniffer - Semi-conductor probe allows for very fast detection of small fitting leaks.
  • Pressure - Used to measure appliance and regulator pressure and check system for leaks.
  • Multi-application Gas Detector.
  • PPM , LEL and Volume flammable gas ranges for leak detection.
  • 0 - 60in. (150mBar) Water Gauge for tightness testing.
  • Manual / Automatic datalogging.
  • Alkaline or Rechargeable battery options. Charging via simple plug or docking station.
  • Rugged polycarbonate case, sealed to IP54 rating and suitable for outdoor use.
  • Audible / Visual ‘Ticker’ (Geiger) indication on ppm range.
  • Loud audible and high visibility alarms.
  • Large button operation with simple display prompts.
  • Integral flashlight.Measuring Ranges:
  • 0 to 10,000 ppm Flammable (Semiconductor Sensor)
  • 0 to 100% LEL Flammable
  • 0 to 100% Volume Gas Flammable
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GMI GT44 Gas Detector
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